lip, cheek and chin augmentation services in toronto
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Facial augmentation can help balance out your facial features by making your chin more prominent and Dr. Bahrami can do each of these augmentations on an outpatient basis here at the Art of Facial Rejuvenation in Toronto. You may be wondering how this works and if is safe, and rest assured, we will provide you with the critical information below.

Lip Augmentation


Dr. Bahrami is an expert at the art of facial reconstruction without surgery. He can give you dermal injections in precisely the right area to make your lips look fuller and define the shape of your mouth to look like Cupid’s bow.

Chin Augmentation


Marionette lines are those lines that run from your mouth to your chin that make you look like a puppet. While it may be cute for a costume party, you probably do not want to look like that all the time. With dermal filler injections, Dr. Bahrami can fill in those areas, making them disappear. It will also help with a sagging jowl, filling in the areas surrounding the jawline.

Cheeks Enlargement

Have you ever wanted to have sculpted cheek lines? With just 3 ml. of dermal filler, Dr. Bahrami can give you chiseled cheeks and tighten up your skin as it stretches over your new cheeks. Sagging skin will be pulled up and made tighter, making you look younger. People may think you got a face lift but you have no scars!

Cheek Bones

Here are some of the commonly asked questions:

Q – What material is used for non-surgical facial augmentation?
A – Most common are Radiesse or Juvederm, which are dermal filler injections. Dr. Bahrami has been using these two products for years with no negative results. Finding the right doctor is more important than what material is used because the surgeon will know what is best for you as an individual.

Q – What can these dermal fillers do?
A – Change a weak or receding chin into a strong and more prominent one. Lip augmentation increases the contour and fullness of your cheekbones, making them look more chiseled and tightening up your skin in other places to reduce skin sagging. Injuries or deformities can also be fixed with dermal filler injections.

Q – Can anybody get lip, cheek, or chin augmentation?
A – Yes, if you are a generally healthy person who is positively sure that is what you wish to do. Dr. Bahrami will have to speak with you first and tell you about all of your options and any potential side effects. He will work with you using a computer program to show you what the results will look like.

Q – How does the facial augmentation work?
A – There is no down time with dermal filler injection as there is with surgery or facial implants. You just come to our office at the Art of Facial Rejuvenation in Toronto where Dr. Bahrami will administer some injections. In less than a half an hour, you will be ready to leave and get on with your daily life!

Q – Does non-surgical facial augmentation hurt?
A – There is little to no pain because Dr. Bahrami uses a local anesthetic to minimize the discomfort. You may be sore for a few hours after the injections, but the discomfort will be mild and subside quickly.

Q – Do I have to take off work for non-surgical facial augmentation?
A – No, there is no need to take time off work, in exception of the one hour you will be at our clinic getting your procedure done. There is no healing time or bandages with our facial augmentation procedure, so you can get back to work on the same day. You may experience a little swelling and redness in the area, but that will go away in a few days.

Q – How much does it cost?
A – The average non-surgical facial augmentation with dermal injections costs approximately $500 to $1000. A surgical implant can cost $2,500 to $4,000 plus the time you have to take off work. Give us a call at the Art of Facial Rejuvenation in Toronto to set an appointment now.

* Results of this treatment may vary from person to person.