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Receiving a facial at the Art of Facial Rejuvenation is a significant measure in rejuvenating and maintaining the quality and elasticity of your skin. Our skin care professionals swear by the facials that we offer, and with each patient that walks through the door, they become immediately obsessed with the quality and effectiveness of our facials. Our facials provide an essential healing component to your skin that you simply cannot attain at home. With the many forms of stimulation, exfoliation, extractions, and use of various ultrasound and hand piece skin abrading devices, they create an environment for your skin to rejuvenate itself, protect against environmental aggravations, and reduce reactivity.

We provide all of our facials to our patients with a complementary consultation and a free skin mapping analysis. The skin mapping allows our skin specialists to assess the condition of your skin, the problem areas, and devise a treatment plan that best complements your needs.

Our skin specialists are firm believers in combining various facial techniques to obtain the best results possible. This would mean that one treatment plan would include a calming facial, an intensive extracting facial, a microdermabrasion therapy session, and so forth. This will provide your skin with a comprehensive and varied treatment that will challenge and enhance the appearance of your skin.

A professional facial unclogs your pores and deep cleans to remove comedones and blackheads. It also increases circulation and stimulates the skin and keeps the skin well hydrated. Other benefits of Facials include:

  • Deep Exfoliation
  • Increase of circulation to all over the face
  • Slow the effects of  premature aging
  • Clearing of blemish and minor acne
  • Stimulation of skin functioning
  • Relaxation through massage of the muscles and nerves

There are several key procedures that our medical aestheticians abide by, which make our facials an exquisite and visibly effective experience that continuously improves through successive treatments:

Part 1:

  • The procedure will begin with a complete cleanse of the eyes and lips with a soothing eye makeup remover
  • The aesthetician will then perform a double cleanse with an oily textured pre-cleanse, followed by the appropriate designated cleanser
  • Upon the cession of the initial cleanse, a steam towel is placed on the face and residue wiped
  • A daily resurfacer cream is then applied all over the face to ensure that excess oils have been removed

Part 2:

  • The aesthetician will then analyze your skin for any immediate problem area in need of treatment. They will look for areas and types of congestion particularly in typical zones of the forehead, nose, and chin and assess the skin for inflamed and non-inflamed lesions to establish an extraction protocol.
  • A scaling fluid is thereafter applied to the face for approximately 5 minutes before the commencement of the manual extractions.
  • Afterwards, a smooth layer of masque is applied with a brush and removed after 7-10 minutes with a damp sponges or steam towel.
  • A multi-active toner is then spritz followed by an application of an eye cream, moisturizer, and sun screen protection.

To learn more about our range of professional facials and other non-surgical procedures, give us a call at (647) 879-9181 to book your complementary consultation with one of our medical professionals today.



* Results of this treatment may vary from person to person.