14 Mar
lift face without surgery

Let’s face it; with the increasingly busy lives that we live, taking time off to recover from a surgical procedure is both inconvenient and difficult to commit. At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we understand this difficulty, and we have dedicated our practice to providing competitive and advanced non-surgical procedures to give our patients the convenience and confidence that they deserve.

16 Feb
acupuncture for trigeminal neuralgia

At the Art of Facial rejuvenation, our medical professionals cater to all needs, ranging from aesthetic concerns to physical pain and discomfort. We understand the traumatic impact living with pain has on our patient’s lives.

7 Feb
all about microneedling and benefits

Microneedling is definitely a favourite, and there’s a great reason for it. At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation we are proud of our varied non-surgical procedures and there is always something here for everyone, regardless of their age or skin type.

3 Feb
botox for excessive sweating

At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we routinely administer cosmetic injectables to our varied clientele, many of which use Botox Injections to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. However, we consistently have patients who come in for Botox injections for a variety of other non-cosmetic related reasons

31 Jan
botox jaw reduction

At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we are pioneers in providing cosmetic injectables and the latest non-surgical procedures. Botox injections are a favorite amongst our clientele, and rightfully so.

24 Jan
all about threadfilling

At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we believe that achieving beauty should come without having to make a large dent to your wallet and your time. As we age, the natural elasticity and vitality of the face begins to decline. In its place, wrinkles and fine lines begin to form around the areas of the forehead, eyes, and lower face.

16 Jan
what can threadlifting do

At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we are often sought out by our patients because we offer the least invasive non-surgical routes to attaining a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. We achieve our results in a plethora of ways: one of such is through threadlifting.

2 Nov
about lipolysis fat melting

At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we are constantly in search to provide our clients the best non-surgical procedures that can be performed right in the comfort of our clinic, with the fastest recovery time. Lipolysis is a fatty acid that is extracted from the soya plant, phosphatidylcholine (lecithin).

27 Oct
botox for migrane pain treatment

We all know Botox to be an effective form of anti-aging – for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out the appearance of our skin, and providing the added volume in the areas that have lost elastin. However, Botox is used for a variety of reasons, including pain treatment as it pertains to persistent migraines.

26 Oct
Rise of Botox in Millennials

Millennials have a large influence on our volatile, and perpetually evolving beauty and cosmetic standards. A large reason for this is attributed to technology and the ever growing presence of social media. Celebrity, fashion bloggers, and the surge in selfies create a habit of observing our faces, and desiring the perfection captured on the photos.