10 Jul
Get Know Derma Fillers

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani Wrinkles are indicators of an aging skin. It is one of the lines that people especially women don’t want to have. But today’s generation is so lucky to be in this era where people have brilliant minds to find solutions to this aesthetic problems. Fillers is one of the most popular treatments today.

30 Apr
Cosmetic Surgery Tips

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani Changing your appearance through plastic surgery is a very big step. And it gives a lot of people all the what if’s. It is important for a person to evaluate all the reasons and motivations before engaging his or herself to this change in order for him/her to avoid regrets and frustrations.

24 Oct
manage cellulite

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani Having Cellulites is a normal occurrence in the body and it affects almost all the women. Those women who are aging and are having menopause have higher risk of developing this. The dimpling of the skin is caused by those fats underneath which pushes our connective tissues.

14 Sep
dark circles under eyes

By: Dr. Masoud Abdar The skin under the eye is very thin and vulnerable to darkening and sagging early on. The sole causes that lead to this are one’s genes, natural aging, dry skin, often and prolonged crying, long hours in front of a computer, stress, sleep deprivation and poor diet choices.

29 Jul
excessive sweating causes and treatments

By: Dr. Masoud Abdar Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a common disorder which produces a lot of embarrassment for suffering individuals. The most common affected areas are the underarms, palms and soles of feet.

26 Jun
sagging breasts busted

By: Dr. Masoud Abdar 1: DO CHEST EXERCISES AND PUSH-UPS PROMOTE PERKINESS? Putting yourself through a gruelling push-up routine regularly will work out the surrounding muscles, and while the exercise can help promote tighter pectoral muscles over time, no exercise can directly tackle the sight of sagging breasts.

19 Jun
microdermabrasion cosmetic treatment

By: Dr. Bita Microdermabrasion is an effective, safe, and popular cosmetic procedure that has no down time. It is a kind of mechanical exfoliation that removes all dead cells from the superficial layer of the skin without any discomfort.

16 Jun
mesotherapy for hair loss treatment

By: Dr. Abbas Amoukarami Mesotherapy results are 90-92% effective, opposed to commonly used Minoxidil/Rogaine alone, because it tackles the 3 main causes of hair loss:

12 Jun
belkyra for double chin treatment

Many people are familiar with the frustration of a double chin. This fat is common among all kinds of people, even if the fit. People looking for a solution have a non-surgical treatment called Belkyra, or in the U.S., Kybella. Belkyra is an appealing option for anyone.

17 Mar
botox injections pre and post care

Botox injections are perhaps the most popular non-surgical treatment in North America. At the Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we are pioneers in providing Botox injections, and we have come to learn a thing or two about it.