Top Methods to Brighten Blemished Skin

top skin brighten methods

By: Dr. Masoud Abdar

Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatments

Lasers work by concentrating high levels of light energy to achieve skin’s desired tone, appearance, and smooth texture. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. Laser resurfacing also reduces brown spots, redness, and discoloration that may happen as skin ages and becomes exposed to harsh environments such as too much direct sunlight. From underneath the skin layers, laser treatment encourages collagen production while also tightening skin, such as around the jaw line and neck area. Another beauty with lasers is that it even removes surgical- and acne scars, among other usages such as removing hair if used via a different setting or method.

Chemical Peels

A chemical approach to peel away dead, unhealthy skin imperfections to promote the growth of new healthy skin is this. Usually performed in a cosmetic clinic by a specifically trained aesthetician, nurse or a doctor, a solution is applied to the skin and left on for a short period of time. Within days, the skin layers steadily peel off, making way for a smoother, softer appearance. There are light, medium or deep chemical peels, using different solutions best suited for varying individuals’ skin types and needs. The lighter the approach, the shorter the recovery and redness time, true, however the less impact the peel achieves. Medium to deep peels accomplishes penetration deeper into the skin’s epidermis, minimizing deeper scars or surgery marks, reducing keratosis in more pigmented persons, and removing blotchiness and discoloration from age spots, leaving skin smoother, tighter, brighter and younger.


This therapy is similar to chemical peels in blemishes it targets, however instead of a solution, an instrument is used. This method is more natural since nothing perceived as harsh is applied to one’s skin. Utilizing a fine tipped handheld tool, small skin particles are abraded away from the face, neck, hands, or any desired body part. The exfoliated skin is simultaneously sucked away, surfacing new skin cells. The nice aspect of this methodology is it requires almost no downtime, and redness dies down within just an hour. Chances of adverse effects are less with this as well.


In place of removing layers of skin via chemical, heat, or light/laser therapy, tiny micro-needles are used to jumpstart skin’s natural healing and rejuvenation process. By imposing micro injuries undetected to the naked eye, your skin is instigated to generate new collagen and elastin to the site. This is one of the most simple yet effective ways used for extensive years to get rid of undesired skin marks such as large pores, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, age spots, rough patches, and unaligned skin texture woes. This technique can be either done at a cosmetic clinic for more focused, accurate results, or it can be done at home with an over the counter microneedle roller. Still, the at home roller only penetrates a certain distance into the skin, and mainly focuses on rejuvenating and smoothing the skin as opposed to ridding of bigger blemishes.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

A slightly more expensive method, the IPL, is similar to the laser resurfacing therapy, however unlike using a highly fixated single wavelength at a time, IPL uses broad spectrum of wavelengths supplied in short pulses. This type of appointment hence takes less time and promises a greater result for most patients. The wavelengths in this treatment engage and thus absorb excessively pigmented skin (rosacea or freckles for instance), restoring a more even complexion. If the degree setting is lowered, IPL can also stimulate collagen production under the skin to improve tone and tighten fine lines. Advancements in IPL technology nowadays has made it possible for it to also diminish spider veins and vascular lesions on the body. Lastly, IPL is non-abrasive meaning no skin is removed during this, and typically no downtime is required, however a set amount of spaced out sessions are required to reach optimal results, depending on individual skin types.

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