Properly Cleanse Your Dry Skin

Cleanse Dry Skin

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

No Harshness Please

When finished washing your face, pat with a towel instead of scrubbing or wiping hard. Also, leaving a little water on your face will do well for your pores, which will absorb the hydration if you don’t pat all of the water away. Then, follow by applying a toner to close your pores so they don’t fill up with debris throughout the day. Skipping toner application leads to acne even on the driest skins. It is true that alcohol removes moisture, so there is witch-hazel, which is an alcohol-free astringent toner.


Happen to live in a dry place? Don’t fret. All you need is a few minutes in a high humidity setting, such as in the bathroom as the hot water is running. The key is to cleanse your face while standing in humid air though. If your skin is submerged in water, it is not the same thing, and would not reap the benefits preferred. Humid environments make for balanced skin cells that are not too oily or dry. So, the next time you’re washing your face, make sure you are allowing the room to get steamy from the running hot water, so your pores really open up and take in the moisture.

Follow the Basics

Take out the guesswork. It’s simple. If you have dry skin, then buy cleansing products that specify they are for dry skin. They usually are void of fragrances, dyes, and certain harsh alcohols that leave your skin taught, and dry, but also more susceptible to early-onset wrinkles. Skin cleansers with moisturizers such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut and oatmeal are a great start to get rid of the irritation and instead, hydrate we highly recommend our clients to use dermalogica products which are safest ones in Canada.

Abide by Labels

If the label says it is for your body, stick to using it for just your body and not your face. If you seek best results, follow simple guidelines, as they have been tested to provide the best results for your face versus your rest of your body. Body cleansers tend to strip away natural oils. When your face is deprived of these, it kicks into overdrive, trying to make up for the loss, by producing patches of oily versus dry skin. This is referred to as a mixed skin type. The easy solution to this issue is to get your body clean with body wash or soap. Along with, get your face clean with your favorite face wash.

Sign up for Sunscreen

What has been holding you back from applying sunscreen regularly? Do you feel like it feels too caked on, applying it on top of your moisturizer? Do you think it will deprive you of a more natural tan? Or is it that you dislike the smell or stickiness of sunscreen? There is a cure to all of that. Try a new SPF sunscreen that maybe has moisturizer built in. The options are endless when it comes to picking a better sunblock. Remember, the order is to wash your skin, then apply SPF 30 or above sunscreen with moisturizer. Quick and uncomplicated.

Spend Less Time in the Bathtub

Not a frequent bath-taker? Good. However, if you love unwinding by taking a bath or a long hot shower, beware. Too much time in water, especially the high temperature kind takes away all your skin’s moisture, leaving you high and dry. If you’re not soaking in a tub full of skin mineral oil or cream, then it’s best you shorten your exposure time. Find relaxation in other ways such as massaging nighttime lavender cream all over your body after a long day.

A Tip for the Frequent Hand-Washers

Yes, it is swell to follow the practice of hand washing to combat diseases and germ spreading. However, did you know that bacteria love to grow on dry surfaces, such as cracked skin, and inside dry mouths while we sleep? If you require often washing of your hands, it is okay as long as you remember to pack hand emollient everywhere you go, so you use it right after each rinse, followed by patting dry. After all, hot water and harsh chemicals in hand soaps can take their toll on your hands and even the youthful look they have.

Scuff off Dead Skin Cells, MILDLY

That’s right, there is a method to doing this mildly. It is false tale that you should not exfoliate and rejuvenate dry skin, in fear of further drying your skin. Exfoliate off your old dead cells and return shine and blood circulation to your deep skin cells by utilizing soft washcloths and microbead-containing body wash. Exfoliation is key to get the gears in motion to aid your body is producing more natural oils and lessening your dry skin vows too.

One of the famous exfoliating way which we offer to our clients is microdermabrasion.

Emollients, Coming Right Up

Forget anything else you may have thought to be true that states otherwise. Always moisturize. That even rhymed so it must be fact. Emollients rich in petroleum, minerals, and ceramides are particularly best for dry skin types. Aside from keeping cracks away, moisturizers provide a creamy protectant layer to keep the germs and bacteria out, while working hard to replenish skin’s natural oil reserves. Lather up!

Head-to-Toe: All of You Counts

One of the biggest mistakes one could make is to only worry about their face and neck dry skin regimen, and leave out the rest of their body. Your skin is connected from your head to your toe. If you keep applying even the best lotion to just your head region, how do you expect your problems to lessen? Food for thought: Your skin on your limbs, especially lower legs and soles of your feet, can quickly dry up and regularly. Ignore the rest of your body long enough, and you will not only have rapid aging skin there, but you will also face the reality of how painful dry skin diseases can be. Tackle the issue proactively before it could worsen. Different professional Facial services like  Age Smart Facial , Signature Facial or Guinot Hydrodermie  not only used for face but it can very useful for neck and shoulders and decollate , these kinds of services prominently postponed aging process in skin of those area .

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