How to Protect Your Skin Against the Heat of the Summer

Protecting Skin Against Heat Summer

By: Dr. Mousavian

There are certain popular tips and tricks that lead you to a healthy and refreshed skin, such as:

  • Suitable diets, avoidance of stress, inadequate use of toiletries, skin hygiene and cleansing of sweat, consuming fruits and vegetables and staying hydrated.
  • In addition to the list above, vitamins such as vitamin A for example, also make the skin smooth, keeping it tight and young.
  • Vitamins also prevent excessive storage of fat in the skin and prevent the formation of stained spots on the skin.
  • One of the other vitamins is vitamin C, which gives the skin softness and delicacy.
  • Despite the millions of fat glands that the skin’s surface is covered with, the skin can still face dryness.
  • However, we find that skin moisture is an important factor, and if it is not kept hydrated, it will age and cause wrinkles prematurely.
  • In addition to drinking 6 to 8 glasses a day, you must also provide hydration through moisturizing creams as well as hydrating face masks.

Essential and Perfecting Remedies to Protect Dry Skin in Summer in the Clinic:

In addition to the services provided in the clinic, we also strongly recommend the Guinot Hydradermie treatment which can be done at Art of Rejuvenation.

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