Glowing during Child-bearing

Pregnancy Skin Care

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

Every month, we women experience changes in our body as our monthly cycle makes its rounds. Some experience it as if it’s nothing but most women have visible changes such as acne, breast swelling, cramps, etc. These changes irritate us and make our mood crazy. They say that these occurrence doubles when you are pregnant. Worse, there are changes during pregnancy that disturb even our senses and our skin color. Yes ladies hyper pigmentation is one of the common changes that occurs in pregnancy. And when the hormones become crazier, our acnes may be doubled. But, there are blessed ladies out there that benefits to these hormonal changes. They experience glowing skin and may not experience acnes at all. For us who are not lucky enough to fight this natural occurrence worry not because we have a solution for that. It is all about routine and discipline. With just slight changes to our beauty routine, we can get that skin that is glowing during child bearing.

Dump those Bumps!

Acne is the most common problems during pregnancy. It’s usually visible around our mouth and chin. It is very important to take care of it right away before it continues even after your pregnancy. Although you have products that fits your skin, it is highly important to consult your doctor before using it for the reason that you are no longer take care of your own health but of your baby as well.

NOTE: Never use products that contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, or any of the retinoid. These ingredients are not safe for pregnant women, for use any kind of risky and sensitive topical you have to consult with your doctor.

Specialists say that using sulphur-based topical products, as well as those containing glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids, or microdermabrasion teatment are safe to use during pregnancy.

Make up products are also considered during pregnancy. It is helpful to use foundation that is indicated for oily skin or any powder that contains minerals. These kinds of products screen your skin from any irritations.

Taking off those pregnancy mask

Hyperpigmentation is one of the most unpleasant changes that occur during pregnancy. It is commonly seen in areas such as face, creases, armpits, neck, groin and tummy. Some areas are okay because they can be hide by clothing’s but these what we so called pregnancy mask appears on the face. These dark patches on the face are hormonal and sun-exposure related and are more common to women who have darker skin. Here are some ways that could be done to minimize this discoloration of the skin:

  • apply Dermalogica sun block and avoid too much sun exposure
  • use azelaic acid or any topical Vitamin C products to decrease the darkening of the skin.
  • soy-based products and Phytocorrective Gel.
  • Use concealer or foundation that matches your skin to hide these discolorations.
  • After pregnancy, if these pregnancy masks is still visible, a chemical peeling with combination of Lumecca IPL Treatment  would work like magic on your skin.

Anti-aging treatments during Pregnancy

There are other changes such as itchiness and stretch marks that need to be addressed but you might be questioning if there are anti-aging treatments that can be done during pregnancy. Sad to say those treatments such as Botox or Dermal Fillers  has not been tested to be safe during pregnancy. in any way, as a woman and as a mother, although our physical appearance are important to us, there is nothing more important that to deliver a life in this world that is healthy and beautiful.

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