B.I.T.E. The Cellulite Away!

B I T E The Cellulite Away

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

4 Ways to manage and fix those unwanted fat marks:

B- Blow Those Bad Habits Away

Yup! That’s right everything that follows will be useless if you still keep on puffing that cigar. Smoking alters our blood circulation and it affects our skin big time. It makes our skin sag that results to more visible cellulite in your thighs, arms and bottom. If you want that the rest of the treatment will take effect, then stop the puff.

I- Improve Your Skincare Routine

There is no cure for your cellulite but there are products that could help in changing the appearance of your skin. Moisturizers will help but it is also recommended to add a product containing Retinol to your routine. A 0.3 % Retinol containing product is very good to make your skin look smoother. Use it for at least half a year and you will see the result.

T- Try Some Procedures

Thank you to our experts who are not tired of innovating treatments to meet our needs. There are a lot of ways to manage cellulite. If you are a busy person and needs a treatment that saves your time and effort, this is for you. Like in our own clinic, we offer different treatments to address this condition such as Lasers or radiofrequency (RF) called Body F/X. To know more about these treatments, you may visit our website at http://www.artoffacialrejuvenation.com/.


This is the most basic and most effective treatment for cellulite. It won’t make your cellulite go but you will gain muscles that will make your skin smoother and even. With the right exercise associated with the right food intake, you will achieve that cellulite-free looking skin in no time. Aside from that you will also have a healthy body.

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