Truth Behind Migraines

Migraine Facts

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

The cause of migraine has long been a bone of contention. Up until now, there are still people who believe that migraine are just caused or aggravated by a mental factor or as they say “It is just in your head!”. It is believed that stress, vitamin deficiency, dehydration or hunger might trigger it. Although these manifestations can be noted, they were never the cause of Migraine. As we go along, I will site some facts about it to clear all the different kinds of assumptions regarding this topic.

Studies show that migraine can be inherited.  If you have a family member of relative who has it, it is most likely that you will have it too. There are 2 types of migraine and the risk of having it depends on where the genes came from.

2 Types of Migraine:

  1. Migraine with Auras
    This is a kind of headache that is triggered by a sensory disturbance called aura(e.g flash of light, blind spots, etc.). Study shows that if you have an immediate family who have this kind of migraine, you are four times at risk of acquiring it too.
  2. Migraine without Auras
    This is the most common type of migraine. It doesn’t have an early symptom called aura. The cause is still unknown but experts believe that some brain chemicals are responsible for this. If you have a direct relative who have this kind of migraine, you have a 1.9 times risk of having the same and a 1.4 times at risk of having migraine with auras.

Now You Know!

Though we can’t easily change the minds of our grandmothers, we can definitely influence the minds of our future generations by educating them more facts than myths. And this principle is not only limited to migraine but in any other areas. Yes to Truth and No to Myths!

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