Do women suffer more from weight gain than men?

Men Women Weight Gain

By: Hedie Habibnia, R.H.N, Master’s in Nutrition Science

If you ever wondered, women or men will lose their weight easier. Here is an interesting topic for you. Everybody knows women deal with additional hormone imbalances since it fluctuates every month, during pregnancy, breast feeding, and also during menopause. Men also have their up and downs. However, they definitely don’t carry a baby for 9 month and they do not breast feed.

Nevertheless, researchers have found that a very important hormone called Human Growth hormone (HGH) also called GH, which is produced by the pituitary gland, influenced by sex steroid hormones and low level of this hormone can cause weight gain. According to Pub med, surprisingly, HGH production level are greater in women than men.

This hormone not only helps to get rid of the excess fat during weight loss, but also plays a key role in growth, body composition, cell repair and metabolism. Low level of this hormone can increase risk of disease and negatively impacts the quality of life.

To increase the HGH level, it is important to get a good quality sleep, do some strength exercise, eat healthy and manage blood sugar level.

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