Appetite Reducing Food and Drinks

Appetite Reducing Food And Drinks

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani


Water is the most common natural appetite suppressant. According to studies people who drink 1-2 glass of water 3- minutes before each meal reduces the ones intake and craving for more food.


Aside from its taste which is so good and having vitamins in it, it is proven by scientist that sweet potato contains a special starch that resists digestive enzymes which makes a person full longer than usual.


Tofu is significantly contains genitein which is an isoflavone that aids in suppression appetite and lowers food intake. This protein source food is famous as an alternative for meat for vegetarians and is very good in people who want to lose some excess weight.


Every time I eat sushi, I always feel full after 5 bites of it. I always thought it was the special rice that goes with it. The sting that the wasabi brought suppresses appetite and is has a natural inflammatory capacity.


Green tea aids person to you to stop craving for food. It has a component called Catechins which inhibits the absorption of glucose into fat cells, and slows the rise of blood sugar.


Vegetable juice makes you feel full. In fact, when people drank vegetable juice before a meal, they ended up eating fewer calories. Make sure to drink a low sodium content juices.

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