The Rise of Millennials in Non-Surgical Procedures

millennials in non-surgical procedures

The idea of beauty is transformative and ever so malleable, we should know, we are in the business of it. Every now and then we experience a culture wave that effects our ideas and opinions of what constitutes as beautiful and ideal. Millennials in particular are very involved in such a process of defining aesthetic beauty, so much so, that they are beginning to have more sway on our ever so changing beauty ideals, and in turn, they influence the methods we turn towards to achieve it.

While the Canadian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery does not fully divulge the statistic of non-surgical procedural use as a function of age, The American (ASAPS) fortunately does, and what it discloses is very enlightening and telling. We are living in an exciting, millennial-driven era, where an overwhelming number are turning towards non-surgical procedures, particularly lip and cheek augmentations. While Botox remains primarily for tackling wrinkles and turning back the hands of time, Dermal Filler Injections are now being increasingly used as temporary measures to amplify areas of the face, accentuating features that parallel with the overwhelming trends we see in the media. The face that projects in the media, these millennials are projecting right back, and vice versa.

There are reasons for such a phenomenon. Technology and easy access to media is one. We now live in a world where we can keep daily track of our friends, peers on social media, and even celebrities that are more so indirect access to how the media shapes our preconceptions of beauty. The Kardashian family is perhaps the single most telling illustration of this. Every detail of their lives- ranging from their makeup routine to their cosmetic procedures- is displayed for all and easily transmitted to large masses. Kylie Jenner was perhaps the most influential figure for lip augmentation. In fact, figures show that lip fillers, or the demand for the perfect “kylie Pout” rose dramatically, nearly 200 times in requests all over North America! This impact of social media and the presence of a young influential celebrity figure, who has literally transformed before the eyes of the world, bumped greatly the demand of such non-surgical procedures.

We are seeing this firsthand at the Art of Facial Rejuvenation. We are no longer operating in a place of business targeted at the aging baby boomer population, but rather the young millennials; young adults looking to enhance their appearance ever so slightly to feel better about themselves, and accentuate features that project the ideal face right back. Lip, cheek and chin augmentations are no longer for the aging; but for the willing, the eager, and the masses, and we are in business to embrace and service this significant moment of cultural willingness. This is the trend for now as it pertains to cosmetic beauty, what is to come, we are eager to see. Stay Tuned.

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