The New Innovative Solution to Alleviating Dark Circles Under the Eyes

solution to dark circles under the eyes

Eyes: they are the windows of one’s soul – the defining feature of beauty and of youth, and when it comes to the two pillars, time is a factor that slowly wears away at our conception of timeless beauty. Luckily, with progressive technology and exciting medical concoctions, we are spoiled by a variety of facial and beauty rejuvenational methods that are right within our grasp with only one consult away. But then there are the features of the face, like dark circles, that aren’t necessarily solely dependent on age, but rather largely a factor of lifestyle, and can arise in both men and women, regardless of age.

Dark Circles wear away at the aesthetical aspect of the face and give the impression of tired and sulken appearance. With one toolbar search, you are given a host of ideas and at home treatments you can do to alleviate what is commonly known as “tired eyes”. On it you may see the application of cucumber slices, cold masks, the prescription of more sleep, or over the counter eye creams.

While this may be worthy of a try, it does not provide a sufficient solution to the problem of dark eyes; they superficially treat the outside of the dark eyes by reducing some of the inflammation associated with it, while the innate under eye remains untouched- where we as medical professionals consider the true area of concern.

dark circle sopts under the eyesThis is where Art of Facial Rejuvenation comes up with their own alternative concoction; Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy falls under the alternative medicine treatment, striking a fine balance between traditional remedies and medical innovation. It is innovative because the medical concept behind it differs; while other treatments work to counter dark circles from the outside, mesotherapy targets dark circles underneath the skin, and it does so via a tiny needle. While that may sound intimidating; fear not, for anesthesia prior to injection will be administered, and the procedure will be done by one of our extremely talented medical professionals with precise knowledge of the human anatomy. It is “traditional” in a sense because it takes vitamins and antioxidants that we all know to be beneficial and it supplies it directly to the under eyes.

Within one syringe of mesotherapy you will find: rich antioxidants, multivitamins, amino acids, enzymes, along with Hyaluronic acid – all properties that target and alleviate the dark circles in a matter of 4-6 sessions. It provides the nutrients necessary to reduce inflammation and pigmentation, and it implements the much needed “penetration” that traditional dark circle under eye remedies lack. So why not give it a try? Call us and book your complementary appointment to learn more about Mesotherapy and its suitability to your under eye concerns.

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