Dermal Fillers Can Restore Your Youth

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Health, Skin, and Beauty are all influenced by age, a number with weight bearing significance. As we grow older, we are plagued with scarring, age marks, wrinkles, dark circles, and an overall decrease in the firmness and collagen production properties of the skin. These aging signs are also attributed to stress, genetics, and lifestyle factors, but there are preventative solutions we can take to restore years back to our face and rejuvenate our appearance; including alleviating the deep appearance of laugh lines around the lips and mouth, crow’s feet around our eyes, and sunken appearance of the cheeks.

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As we age, we start to lose the volume and elasticity in our skin and with it the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines emerges. Aging skin no longer produces in magnitude the properties that hold the tissues firmly together, and the blood vessels supplying the abundance of nutrients to the area begins to thin out. Bone loss and fat loss around the eyes, chin, and mouth creates the appearance of sunken, aging skin, depleted of the facial contour that provides the symmetry of the face in relation to its features. While the effects of aging vary from individual to individual, everyone gains to benefit from dermal filler injections to restore a much needed volume to the face.

Dermal filler Injections, when done by the right medical professional, is a very safe and effective cosmetic procedure to undertake. The main ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, is a naturally occurring sugar that is present in the body which provides the volume and firmness in our skin. As we age, the natural sugars and collagen properties begin to catalyze, and as a counteractive measure, dermal filler injection supply the same, voluminous properties to the area. Over time, however, in a period of 6 months and up to a year, the dermal filler injections naturally absorb into the skin, and a retouch will be necessary to maintain the results. One important consideration to note, is that dermal fillers vary in terms of their potency and lasting effects, and within Art of Facial Rejuvenation, we have a variety of brands and types of dermal fillers for the different areas of the face. During the complementary consultation, our medical professional will recommend the right brand and potency for the area of concern.

Dermal Filler injection procedure to augment the face is preferred by millions because of its low risk, and effective semi-permanent solution, allowing patients to restore years to their face, without undergoing surgery and the recovery associated with it. The areas that can be enhanced through dermal filler injections include the cheeks, lower area of the eyes, the chin, the nose, the lips and surrounding areas, and the laugh lines. The question now becomes: “Do you want to restore youth and volume back into your appearance, returning your appearance to your former years?” If the answer is yes, then dermal filler injections may be the appropriate cosmetic route for you.

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