5 M’s to Manage those Cellulite

manage cellulite

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

Having Cellulites is a normal occurrence in the body and it affects almost all the women. Those women who are aging and are having menopause have higher risk of developing this. The dimpling of the skin is caused by those fats underneath which pushes our connective tissues. Some women  hesitates to wear those clothes that exposes the area where it is visible, areas like abdomen, arms and thighs. Below are some things you can do to avoid or manage those cellulites:

  1. Move to tone

Exercising and toning your body reduces you fats in the body. As you burn those fats, you will gain more muscles which prevents or not hide those visible cellulites and give you a more even skin.

  1. Make a change in your diet

Yes, changing your diet will definitely manage your cellulites. Avoid those food that are rich in fats and increase your protein intake as it helps in muscle formation. Increase you fiber intake as well to flush those excess fats.

  1. Manage to stop the puff

Smoking is proven to be a great factor in affecting your skin. It doesn’t only make your skin looks older but it highly contribut to the sagging of your skin which obviously makes your cellulite more and more visible.

  1. Massage the spot

Massaging the dimpled area gives you a temporary effect in hiding those cellulite as it promotes good blood circulation. Though it doesn’t make it disappear permanently, atleast for a moment you can wear those shorts that you love.

  1. Make an appointment

There are several cosmetic treatments that manages your cellulites. You can go to your own healthcare provider and ask which cellulite treatment will fit you the best. FDA approves some treatments such as: Lipomassage, lasers, radiofrequencies and many more.

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