10 Tips Before You Get Lift

Cosmetic Surgery Tips

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

Changing your appearance through plastic surgery is a very big step. And it gives a lot of people all the what if’s. It is important for a person to evaluate all the reasons and motivations before engaging his or herself to this change in order for him/her to avoid regrets and frustrations. And so, before consulting your surgeon may I give you 10 tips before you get that lift.

  1. Know Your Drive
    we can never avoid the change in our appearance as we grow old. And so, it is important for you to accept and feel good about what you look and about who you are. And having a surgery will just improve it but never change it. Cosmetic surgery will not change your life and so, don’t use this as your motivation because after the surgery, you will have the same problems, the same friends, the same family and career, unless you need this to change career. Improving ones career is an example of a good motivation.
  2. Be Careful Of Your Expectations
    Some people especially women use this to attract partners that they’ve lost. Unfortunately changing your appearance will not bring back your lover. It won’t make you look like your favorite TV actors and it won’t give you the job that you really wanted.
  3. Evaluate Your Emotions
    Ask yourself a hundred times why do you want this change. NEVER decide when you are emotionally disturbed. Never use this as a diversion for your emotional instability. Especially to those who are experiencing depression. Experts said that most people who undergone facial plastic surgery felt blue after. And so, people will feel more depressed and this can compromised your healing process.
  4. Know Whom You Can Count On
    Having support system is very important after the surgery. With all the swelling and healing, you need someone to encourage you when you feel blue.
  5. Know How Much It Cost
    Always make sure that you are financially capable before you submit yourself to this. Having this kind of surgery is a little pricey. You don’t want to be in debt after do you?
  6. Know The Risks
    Know that like any other surgeries, having plastic surgery have the same routine risks.  Blood loss, infections and risk associated with anesthesia are just some of them. There could also be asymmetry and an undesirable outcome. Make sure that you are prepared if the result is not what you wanted. Is your faith high enough to go on?
  7. Be Aware That Some Have To be redone
    Revisions are common to plastic surgery especially when it involves asymmetry. After the surgery, the result might be undesirable to you, to your doctor or both. And so, redoing the surgery must take place. Be sure that you are willing to submit yourself again if this thing will happen.
  8. Know Your Vision
    Even in other areas of our lives, it is important to have a crystal clear vision if we wanted to succeed. For a successful surgery, you must be clear to give to your doctor your vision. We are fortunate that today’s technology give us a more convenient ways to get the image that we want.
  9. Find Your Trusted Surgeon
    Relationship is very important. You must have a doctor that you can trust. It is recommended to do your research and look for doctors who have good reputation and has the expertise to the procedure that you wanted. Have a list and make an appointment for each and make an evaluation before you make a choice.
  10. For Teen Surgery
    If you’re a parent who is deciding for your child, it is important to always evaluate all the reasons why your child needs it. Again, cosmetic surgery cannot cure depression it will only make it worse. A valid reason for this may be because of a deformity that causes your child to have low-esteem. But then again, make sure that you and your child is emotionally stable before undergoing the procedure.

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