How to Boost Your Botox Results

How to Boost Your Botox Results

Most people complain about unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, hyper-pigmentation, and enlarged pores. Fillers and Botox are the perfect way to fix some of these issues. They banish wrinkles, fine lines, and add volume to your lips. However, these treatments won’t help to make your skin look fresher or brighter on their own.

To truly fight off the effects of aging with Botox injections, you must consider what you can do to increase the effectiveness of each treatment. By combining peels, laser, and other medical-grade cosmetic skin treatments, you’ll look and feel your very best. Here are a few tips from Art of Facial Rejuvenation to help you boost your Botox results.

Have a Comprehensive Plan

The first step to better skin is sitting down and speaking with one of our skincare specialist. A detailed consultation will allow you to pinpoint the areas on your skin that you would like to change and discover the reason behind any skin issues you are facing. Our skincare specialist will then discuss your goals and give you the information you need to reach them. In addition, they will create a personalized treatment plan that details which procedures will provide the best benefits and help you achieve the look you desire.

HydroFacial or Facial Peel

One effective way to boost the look of your skin and increase its brightness before your next Botox session is a Hydrofacial or a facial peel. Botox will help soften fine lines after the facial has worked on your skin texture. Having a facial done before your Botox treatment is recommended to eliminate dead skin cells and improve the quality of your skin. You can even save time by having both treatments during the same visit.

Laser Skin Treatments & Skin Tightening

Laser treatments are a great way to get the results of a cosmetic facelift without going under the knife. You can try Thermage skin tightening or even skin resurfacing via laser prior to your Botox treatment or following the session. Fillers like Botox will give you extra bounce, but laser skin treatments will help with sagging skin and uneven tone. The lasers will help boost your natural collagen production, which will improve the overall results of your Botox treatments. For longer-lasting results, consider completing these treatments a couple of weeks in advance of your fillers.

How We Can Help

We are always happy to offer you the best advice to help you keep your skin looking flawless. For more information about the services or procedures offered by our Toronto cosmetic clinic, give us a call at (647) 879-9181 today.

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