lip augmentation services
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The most popular of the augmentation procedures we perform in our clinic relates to the lips. The trend for larger, pouty lips is growing, especially among millennials who have embraced this new ideal. However, lip augmentations are also a very effective measure of restoring a more balanced and youthful appearance, and smoothing the appearance of wrinkles around the lips for older, collagen depleted skin. As we age, with the prime of our skin in our 20’s, our lips naturally start to lose volume, leaving the lips flatter in appearance.

Lip Augmentation procedures act as a corrective measure; by injecting dermal fillers, a natural compound derived from natural substances found in the body, volume in the lips is restored. One of the benefits of lip augmentation is that patients can have autonomy in the amount and volume that they want in their lips. This can be a gradual process, whereby the patient can come in for injections through a series of sessions.

Upon injection, the lines along the lips start to smooth out and the contours of the lips become more defined, resulting in a softer and more supple lips.  Our medical professionals can restore the shape of the lips into a cupid’s bow, or accentuate the bottom lip area (referred to as the marionette area) to provide a more defined and plump appearance. Lip augmentations can also be beneficial for patients with an uneven shape in the lips who wish to balance out their features more appropriately.

Some frequently asked questions about Lip Augmentation:

Is the Lip Augmentation Procedure painful?

A: To minimize the feeling of discomfort, the lips are iced and numbed (using a topical anesthesia) prior to injection. In fact, many of the dermal filler injections that we use contain lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic. Some patients may feel a stinging sensation on the upper area of the lips, where nerve endings are more sensitive, but the local anesthesia assist with the experience to a significant degree.

What are side effects of Lip Augmentation?

 A: The side effects of lip augmentation can include pain, swelling, itching, and redness at the injection site. Some patients may experience bruising; however, such side effects subside in 1 to 2 days.

Am I qualified for Lip Augmentation:

A: Generally, most qualify for lip augmentation procedures, as long as this procedure is certainly something one wants to do. However, it is no recommended for patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

How long will the effects last?

A: The results of a lip augmentation last between 6 to 10 months, depending on the material of dermal filler used and the individual themselves. It is generally recommended that patients come in for touch-ups at the 6-7 month interval to maintain the volume created by the dermal filler injections

* Results of this treatment may vary from person to person.