non-surgical chin augmentation services
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Dermal filler injections can also be used as a non-surgical means of augmenting the chin, especially as a supplementary component in sculpting an overall, symmetrical face. This procedure involves the direct injection of hyaluronic acid into the area of the chin to supply it with volume to correct and enhance the appearance.

As we age, typically we begin to lose fat and volume around the mouth and chin, and our jawbone becomes smaller. What results are wrinkles and thinning around the lips and the presence of marionette lines. Chin augmentation restores the symmetry and volume that becomes increasingly depleted with age. As a result, chin augmentation is becoming more popular due to its ability to provide a much needed prominence without the need to experience the complications and hassle of surgery. In fact, the ability to customize the procedure and uniquely match the rest of the features of the face makes chin augmentation via dermal fillers favourable.

Candidates for Chin Augmentation & Benefits:

Individuals deemed qualified for chin augmentation range from individuals dissatisfied with the innate structure of their chin, to individuals who have noticed the shape of their chin and lower jaw receding as a factor of age. Generally, individuals who have a receding chin and unsymmetrical jawline are great candidates for chin augmentation. Some individuals suffer from an under projected and weak chin that takes away from the symmetry of the overall face, and this is especially evident from the profile view. This procedure is also preferred for individuals who do not want to or are not candidates for surgery, and are not prepared to partake in the costs of cosmetic surgery.

To test your candidacy for such a procedure, one of the methods is to use a straight ruler and place it on the edge of the nose and along the chin point. Individuals with a receding chin will not have their lips touch the ruler or do so superficially, although the degree varies. Upon your complementary consultation with one of our medical professionals your candidacy will be evaluated.

Benefits of Chin augmentation:

One of the biggest benefits of such a procedure is that patients can, after their initial consult, complete such a procedure in 15-30 minutes right within the clinic. This is diametrical from the experience of undergoing a chin implant, where the potential complications and risks are elevated, including the requirement for downtime to allow for the healing of the wounds and implants embedded into the chin.

Potential side effects:

Prior to injection, a numbing cream will be use to maximize comfort. Patients may experience some irritation and swelling along the injection sites. In some cases, bruising will occur but in such exceptions, it will fade in 3 days to a week’s time.

To learn more about our chin augmentation procedure in Toronto, call in for a complementary consult with one of our medical professionals.

* Results of this treatment may vary from person to person.