Price List Of Services
* All prices are in CAD Dollar.

1Botox Injection: Dysport$10/unit *Note: Touch-up not free if less than 26 units administered*
2Botox Injection: Allergan$15/unit *Note: Touch-up not free if less than 26 units administered*
3Dermal Filler Injection: StylageFirst syringe: $450
Second syringe: $400
Third syringe: $350
4Dermal Filler Injection: Juvederm$470
5PRP for Hair Loss & Rejuvenation1 Session: $600
Package of 3 Sessions: $1,700
6PRP & HR$800
7Lipolysis (Small Area)$300
8Lipolysis (Medium area)$600
9Lipolysis (Large area)$900
10BELKYRA1 Session: $320
11Microneedling1 Session: $165
Package of 3 Sessions: $450
12Mesotherapy (Hair Loss, Rejuvenation , Dark Circles Under Eye)1 Session: $110
Package of 3 Sessions: $330
13Thread Filling$22 per Thread
14Thread Lifting$110 per Thread
NoService SinglePackage of 4
1Cosmetic Acupuncture$60$200
2Massage Therapy (30 Min)$60$160
3Massage Therapy (45 Min)$80$200
4Massage Therapy (60 Min)$100$300
5Hot Stone Massage$100$320
6Body Scrub$45$160
7Full Body Relaxation Massage (60 min)$90$300
8Pre-natal massage (60 min)$90$300
9Therapeutic Massage (60 min)$90$300
10Medical Acupuncture & Massage$100$340
11Acute & Chronic Injury Taping$10
12Mini Hot Towel & Cold Stone Face Massage (10 min) & Full Body$110
13 Hot Towel & Cold Stone Face and Neck Massage (25 min) & Full Body$140
14Hot Towel Foot & Hand Exfoliation Treatment (10 min) & Full Body $110
15Aromatherapy (Lavender- peppermint - eucalyptus ) & Full Body $100
16Physiotherapy (First Assesment & Treatment) $80
17Physiotherapy (Treatment) $60$200
12OrthoticsConsult RequiredConsult Required
18OsteopathyConsult Required
$100 Initial Visit
$80 Following Visits
19Chiropractic Initial Exam/Visit$90
20Chiropractic Care (Visit )$55
NoService SinglePackage of 6
1Abdomen - Women$80$408
2Abdomen - Men$100$510
3Arms (Full)$120$612
4Arms (Half)$100$512
5Arms (Full) + Underarms$150$765
6Back - Women$100$510
7Back - Men$150$765
8Belly Line$40$204
9Bikini Line$60$306
10Bikini + Brazilian$90$459
12Chest - Women$100$510
13Chest - Men$150$765
15Face (Full) $60$306
16"Full Body"
(Arms, Underarms, Legs, Bikini Line, Abdomen)
17Legs (Full)$190$969
18Legs (Lower)$110$561
19Legs (upper)$130$663
20Legs (Full) + Bikini$230$1,173
21Lower Back$60$306
26 Upper Lip$30$153
NoService SinglePackage of 4Package of 6
1Photo Facial Pigmentation , Age Spot,
Birthmark, Follicles, Sun Damage, Melanin
2Acne, Vascular Lesion, Broken Capillaries
Collagen Stimulation, Skin Rejuvenation
3Salicylic Peel$100$350
5Acne Facial$60
6Age Smart Facial$70
7Professional Facial$70$230
8Regular Facial$55$180
9Chemical peel (Lactic Or Glycolic Peel)$70$360
10Microdermabrasion + Ultrasound$80$420
11Mini facial$30
12Back Facial$65
13Skin Tag removalFrom 20$/Tag
14Guinot Hydradermie Treatment (time 1H)$120
15Guinot Hydradermie Lift Treatment (time 1H)$160
16Guinot Hydradermie Treatment + Hydradermie Lift (time 2H)$200
17Guinot Lift Eye Treatment (time 30 Min)$90
18Professional Eyebrow Microblading with Free Touch Up$550/Session