Take S.N.I.P. as Tips to Address the Inevitable Sun Damage

Woman Taking Sunscreen

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

Ultraviolet rays are the one responsible in damaging our skin and it is emitted by our very own Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun cannot be avoided and is always present every day. And we don´t even have the technology to screen the whole earth from its rays. And so we don´t have any choice but to live with it. Since the sun cannot be avoided and the damage may it cause on our skin is somehow inevitable especially for those working on the daylight, I have listed below some habits that you can add on your daily routine to address, avoid and minimize the inevitable.

Sunscreen in Your Bag

Treat sunscreen like your food. You must be able to not live without it. Sunscreen should not be only use when you will hit the beach or during summer. Remember as long as the sun is there, UV rays will always be there. And so, instead of putting an ordinary lotion, try to put a lotion with SPF on it. And make it a habit to bring it everywhere. You maybe asking: “But the rays/heat is not hurting, do I still need to put it on?” The answer is YES! Even if the heat or the rays is no painful, the fact is that the ultraviolet rays is emitted by the sun and it damages our skin by speeding up its aging process and this is also the number one cause of Melanoma.

It is important to take note that we should not only use an ordinary SPF containing product but it is important that we should look for a “broad spectrum” label on it. This is a type of SPF 30 and above sunscreen that doesn´t only defends the skin from UV rays but it also have the healing capacity and protects your skin from age spots and sagging.

Never Deprive Yourself from Sleep

Having enough sleep is highly important in skin rejuvenation. It is the time, during our sleep, where our skin puts all of its effort in formulating new skin and get rid of the damage ones. That is why dermatologists always reminds us that skin products such as night creams are not to be forgotten because it doubles the capacity of the skin to rejuvinate. Therefore, it is a very good habit to apply our preferred lotion at night as it is the time that our skin absorbs best.

In line with this, it is recommended by specialist to have atleast 6-10 hours of sleep daily to help your skin maintain its health and wake up feeling refreshed always.

Include Vitamin A and C Containing Food and Products

Vitamin C is always associated when we talk about skin. Aside from its immune boosting capacity, it has a antioxidant ability which helps our skin in slowing down its aging process. It protects the skin and helps in rejuvenation by promoting the release of collagen and elastin. Aside from eating food that are rich with Vitamin C, there are products that you may try that contains it.

Retinoids are substance that is carried by Vitamin A. These substance is verz important in skin rejuvenation and elasticity. It is responsible in smoothing the skin’s unwanted lines and lightening the dark spots. Aside from including this in your diet, you can take some supplements and if you do, you must know that it is best taken at night for maximum effectiveness. Be cautious in taking any supplements and always consult your doctor before taking it.

Please Exercise Often

Excercising is not a priority for most of us but this tip is as much as important like the others. Exercising is good for our body and this includes our skin. Doing work out daily improves ones health by promoting good blood circulation in our body. Good circulation means good distribution of nutrients. This means that the nutrients that we take in will be more effective than that of not having exercise. And this benefit is not limited to our skin. The damage caused by Mr. Sun will be repaired more effectively. Exercise will not only aid in nutrients distribution but it is also a good habit in getting rid of fats that cause our skin to have other problems such as cellulite formation and sagging. Sweating out our excess weight will prevent us from having these problems. But we can’t also deny that there are people that are consumed with their activities and doesn’t have time to hit the gym. But this is not a problem because we offer treatments to address some of them. For example, to reduce your cellulite appearance we have Body FX and Mini FX.

You may have other problems that this article cannot address or questions that cannot be answered. We are willing to be of help in order for you to achieve the change that you wanted. You may contact us at 647-879-9181 for free consultation and know more about our services and products that fits you best.

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