How to Protect the Skin from the Winter

winter skin protection tips

By: Dr. Bita Eslami

Cold weather leaves your skin dry and flaky in the winter. Not only the skin but also the lips turn dry and crackly in the cold weather. Meanwhile using the central heating during the winter makes the condition worse.

Actually, low humidity draws the moisture from the skin and leaves it dry.

Dry skin during the wintertime is often annoying . Most people with dry skin in the winter suffer from flaky , dull , itchy and red skin.

Taking hot shower in the cold weather especially in the morning makes the condition worse because washing the skin with hot water and soap removes the natural oils that are essential for the skin.

What can we do to protect our skin in the winter?

Having a good moisturizer is a must because it helps combat dryness and protect the skin from cracking and flaking. At the same time using a humidifier to add moisture to your apartment or workplace works very well.

Moreover, hot shower should be avoided in the winter. Take only warm shower and try to take only a quick shower rather than a long shower  because a long shower can strip the essential oils from your skin.

Furthermore, avoid using soap is very crucial. Soaps are able to remove oils from the skin and leave it dry and red. Soaps that have perfumes or antibacterial components can leave the skin drier and more irritant. Using non soap cleansing agents like cleansing lotions , gels and non soap bars are acceptable alternatives for soaps.

Finally, avoid the extreme heat and cold. Do not keep the heat above  78 degrees. Protect yourself from the wind .Cover your face and apply lip balm for the lips.

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