Do B.E.T.T.E.R. for a Healthy Hair

woman healthy hair

By: Dr. Masoud Esfahani

  1. B-Brush right

Brushing your hair is one of the most important hair habit, together with scalp massaging, that greatly affects your hair rejuvenation. Using proper brush and strokes will help you evenly distribute your natural hair oil that makes your hair more healthier and gives you a shinier appearance.

  1. E-Eat healthy

Eating healthy will not just affect your skin but it is a great cause for your hair to be healthy. Adding some healthy elements in your diet will keep your hair, frizz free and makes it silky and smooth. Add to your diet those foods that are rich in vitamin B5, vitamin C, iron and protein.

  1. T-Trim your hair regularly

Regular hair trimmkng helps you to gid of your split ends. This prevents your split ends to go higher to your hair and it also prevents flyaways and further damage.

  1. T-Take care of your scalp

Taking care of your scalp is vital in order to have a healthier hair. One of the scalp care that is beneficial is massage. Doing those circular strokes will promote good circulation thus making the nutrients reach the scalp effectively. Massaging your scalp also promotes the release of your natural oil which helps in making your hair smooth and healthy.

  1. E-Embrace deep conditioning

Conditioners doesn’t only give you that smooth and silky hair. Conditioning your hair on a regular basis give your hair moisture and promotes elasticity. Like your skin, your hair also needs moisture. This prevents your hair from damage and further breakage.

  1. R-Recede in using styling products

As much as possible refrain from using heat or other products that could damage your hair. Yes, we can never avoid styling our hair and giving it a nice color and wave. But exposing our hair to these products will cause our hair to break. Even drying our hair on a daily basis could cause damage to it. Best choice is to avoid it or if not, always use some hair treatments or managements after applying styling products or heat.


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