Botox Injections for the Purpose of Alleviating Migraine Pain

botox for migrane pain treatment

We all know Botox to be an effective form of anti-aging – for getting rid of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing out the appearance of our skin, and providing the added volume in the areas that have lost elastin. However, Botox is used for a variety of reasons, including pain treatment as it pertains to persistent migraines.

Migraine sufferers understand the pain and decline in the quality of life that accompanies persistent migraines. This is headache that is not treated with the traditional over the counter medication like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. Stronger oral medications can have drawbacks; mainly, that the body develops a resistance to the medication and no longer responds to the drug in the original dosage.

Fortunately, Botox is now FDA approved for chronic migraines. Individuals who have more than 15 headaches in a month qualify for this treatment. The procedure includes one of our medical professionals injecting the Botox into 31 different areas of the head. There is no to minimal pain associated with the injection as the needles are very minute. The procedure generally takes 15 minutes or less and the results have proven to be effective.

The exact science behind the effectiveness of Botox injections in migraine patients is not well understood; however, it is generally believed that the injections dampen the pain signals that travel from the nerves in the head.

The procedure requires a touch up every 4 to 5 months, but the results have proven to be a blessing for individuals who have spent their lives suffering from persistent headaches.

If you qualify for Botox injections for the treatment of migraines, book your complementary consultation at (647) 879 – 9181 to learn more about how we can help to alleviate your pain.

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